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Scrambling is how many people are introduced to rock climbing, the desire to stray from the footpath overcomes you one day and with hands and feet you begin to weave a route between and over boulder strewn outcrops, crags and gullies seeking the summit. Potentially the most dangerous mountainous activity, scramblers generally climb over steep rocky terrain without the technical equipment used in rock climbing. The lengths of many routes require the scrambler to travel swiftly, often with a rucksack.

UKML courses explore techniques for moving on steep terrain, the appropriate use of protection/ropes, navigation, guidebooks and route finding whilst on famous classic routes. Guided Classic scrambles and introductory courses can be arranged for all level of competency with ratios of up to 1:4 for easier grade scrambles or 1:2 for more demanding routes and ridges.

This may be your first mountain summit or a desire to further your horizons by exploring more remote mountain peaks. You may wish to advance your navigation skills in preparation for a MLT award or simply learn more about the natural environment around you. Whatever your motivation, our guided walks and skills courses are individually tailored to suit each group/individuals ability and aspirations.

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1. Classis Ridge Scrambling courses

Classic Ridge Scrambling Courses